GitHub Hovercard

GitHub Hovercard is a third party tool which is not affiliated to GitHub ( This page is designed exactly the same as GitHub only to show how the extension actually works on GitHub.

What is GitHub Hovercard?

GitHub Hovercard provides neat hovercards for GitHub. It brings you instant access to user/repo/issue/commit information from anywhere on GitHub.


or download from Chrome Webstore.

Other versions: Firefox / Opera / userscript

or download from Mozilla Add-ons.

Other versions: Chrome / Opera / userscript

or download from Opera Extensions.

Other versions: Chrome / Firefox / userscript

Download the zipped archive from GitHub Hovercard's GitHub repo. Microsoft Edge isn't accepting new extensions for now so it takes time to make the installation available directly from Windows Store. You can manually install the extension to try out.

Safari version is not available from Apple's Safari Extensions Gallery because Apple now requires the extension developers to purchase its Apple Developer Program ($99/year) to publish extensions. If you are a Safari user and you really like this extension, you can download the unpacked version and install it manually. If you are interested in putting it into the official gallery, you can make a donation here and once the donation is sufficient to cover the annual fee I'll get it done.

Extension version is not supported by your browser. You can try the userscript version. Or go to our GitHub issues for help.

What's new for v1.9.4?

  • Removed tabs permission request.

Check the complete changelog here.

Try yourself

Try it out around this page. Have fun!

Sorry, neither extension nor userscript version is available for your browser (but you can preview the functionalities around this page).

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Hey! sorry for the late response, but it works like a charm in github enterprise :+1: thaankssss
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